Dearborn Information Meeting, July 24th, 6:30 pm at RPC

The School Department’s recent announcement about its proposal to turn the Dearborn into a charter school no doubt surprised and disappointed.  It was not what we planned when Rox Pres joined other partners on this journey to support Dearborn six years ago.  How did we get here and where exactly are we headed? Please join us for some answers to an important informational meeting at RPC on July 24th, 6:30 pm

Below are links that will help us in the conversation.



Attention all young people ages 13-18!!! Mark your calendar for every Thursday evening from 6-9pm for COMMON UNITY – a teen cafe for you, your friends and your neighbors!! Our goal is to create a safe environment where young people can come have a good time! We will have games, computer access, round table discussion and food.  We hope to build strong relationships, connect youth to resources, and provide information that motivates young people to dream bigger and reach further. Be sure to come out and have a great time. For more information please call 617-445-2116 and leave a message for  Issa, Chase or Ms. Ivy.


Save the Date:  August 24, 2014

“REFRESH” at Walnut Park in Roxbury


Vacation Bible School

RPC will be hosting Vacation Bible School in late August to engage and evangelize our community.  And RPC needs your help! Anyone interested in being part of the planning team, or sharing your talents in arts & crafts, singing, teaching, cooking or whatever, please see or contact Ivy Jones Turner by leaving a message at 617-445-2116 or emailing rpcsivy@gmail.com for more information. Come, be a part of the Body of Christ as we share God’s love with others.


“Understanding the Better Part”  Rev. Liz Walker, July 20, 2014
(please forgive the sound quality)


Volunteers always needed and appreciated by the Social Impact Center!  If you have good rapport with 4th – 8th graders, and time on Saturday mornings, consider becoming a tutor in Learning Out Loud.  Other opportunities are more one-time events: Teacher Appreciation breakfast each spring, Welcome Back to School Day and many more.  Contact Nancy Kilburn at nkilburn@rpcsic.org or call 617.445.6262 for more info.  Or sign-up on the rpcsic.org website.


Any church wide announcements should be emailed to RPCannouncements@gmail.com or call 617- 445-2116 and leave a voice message. Announcements for the upcoming Sunday should be in by 5pm on Wednesday.

To reserve the church for meetings or functions, please contact Church Administrator, Florence Huffman or Chair of Trustees, Darvadra Huffman at 617-445-2116 or by email at roxpreschurch@gmail.com

Please visit the communications table for other announcements and opportunities.